Copenhagen Yoga Festival / Copenhagen / 24 Aug 2018

I'm returning to Copenhagen Yoga Festival for the third time. This year with a workshop called SLOW, SOFT, STILL. 

SLOW slowing down is an invitation to listen within, to turn off the constant noise we are bombarded with every day. SOFT softening your body through slow flow and yin yoga, allows you to feel yourself again, the softness of your soul. STILL when the body is soft, the mind can begin to be still, and with this stillness you can HEAR yourself, your hearts calling, your deepest desires, your inner wisdom.


EMBODIED PRACTICES – with Julie Martin / 30 Aug-2 Sept 2018

International teacher Julie Martin is coming back to Copenhagen with a weekend immersion. Using Julie’s unique form of asana and movement, somatic meditation, breath work and awareness exercises the process of “doing” the practice will arise from inside. These sessions will be full of curiosity and enquiry, pause and presence, stillness and movement. We will investigate spiral movements, movement as meditation and tuning into our sense, so we can allow the body to guide us.